Camminando a testa scalza

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Autore: Dalila Giglio
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Settembre 2022


dr. Enrico Rizza




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Dalila is twenty-one when the first hairless patch appears on her scalp. At that moment she does not know it yet, but those are her first signs of her illness: alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes sudden loss, total or partial, of hair and body hair.

Fortunately, the situation is resolved quickly, as the disease manifests itself in a very mild form. Eleven years pass and Dalila is just over thirty when alopecia areata returns, this time more aggressive than ever. For Dalila it’s the beginning of a new life, different from the previous one. It symbolises the first step in a difficult journey of discovery and acceptance of herself and her pathology.

This journey leads her to write the small volume entitled “Camminando a Testa Scalza” in which she gives voice to the traumatic experience, the conflicting feelings, the fears and intimate desires of all those who, like her, are affected by this pathology .

Conosci l'autore

Dalila Giglio Autore


Dalila Giglio

Torino, 1983



Dalila Giglio nasce a Torino il 17 Marzo 1983, città in cui vive attualmente insieme a suo marito.

Dopo il diploma, studia presso l’università di Torino nell’ambito della Consulenza del lavoro e della gestione delle risorse umane, accompagnando agli studi l’attività di impiegata presso uno studio legale.

Conseguita la laurea prosegue la sua formazione con uno stage presso il Politecnico di Torino, in ambito amministrativo.



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